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120034: Introductory Business Chinese

Introductory Business Chinese is intended mainly for use by those who have little or no knowledge of the Chinese language but who, for any number of different reasons, wish to learn more about business and economics in the Chinese environment. The primary intended audiences are (1) business professionals who deal with Chinese people and Chinese...
Published: 7/21/2014   |   Inventor(s): Patricia Paulsell, Fei Fei
Keywords(s): Chinese Language, Chinese Language Instruction, Software Category(s): Computer Software

060077: Determining Ejection Fraction Volumes on a Continuous Basis

People with progressive heart failure need ejection fraction (EF) measurements as critical information in diagnosis and treatment. EF is the percentage of the total volume in a ventricular chamber of the heart that is ejected per beat, a key measure of overall heart function. A technology allowing continuous monitoring of EF would allow for much...