020039: Z-Source Power Converter for High-Efficiency Power Conversion

Power converters, also known as power inverters, are necessary components to all electrical/electronic products. Due to their ubiquity, power converter attributes such as efficiency, robustness, cost, and peak power are very important.


The invention is an Impedance Source (Z-source) Power Converter. The converter performs both buck and boost conversion, and one of DC/DC, AC/DC, or AC/AC conversion.

This converter increases robustness and efficiency while maintaining the desirable traits of prior converters (e.g. V- and I- converters). It can be used for high power applications like electric fuel cells and automobiles.


  • Increased Robustness: The topology of the Impedance Source (or Z-Source) is immune to EMI compared to standard V- and I- converters.
  • Broader Applicability: The output voltage of Impedance Source (Z-Source) converter can be lower and higher than its input; such converters are known as buck-boost converters. Standard V- and I- converters restrict output to either lower or higher, known as buck or boost converters.
  • Greater Efficiency: Impedance Source (Z-Source) converters reduce common-mode voltage leading to greater converter efficiency.


Power Conversion, Power Distribution, and Automotive

Development Status

The invention has been prototyped.

IP Protection Status

US 7130205 (issued Oct 31, 2006)
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