030039: Real-time Nanomanipulation using AFM

An efficient system for manipulation of nano-sized objects would be greatly aided by the ability of an operator to "feel" the objects he/she is manipulating.


The invention proposes an atomic force microscope (AFM) based Augmented Reality System consisting of an AFM connected to a haptic device allowing the operator to feel the nano-objects he is manipulating in real-time. By using this system, the operator can manipulate nano-sized objects in real-time by controlling the 3D motion of the AFM tip through the haptic device and at the same time receive real-time visual and 3D force feedback.


  • More efficient nanoassembly of NEMS: Enabled by the ability to "feel" nano-objects under construction.
  • More effective investigation of biological processes at the molecular level: Ability to manipulate proteins, DNA and other bio-molecules, cells, etc.
  • Improved characterization: Resolution of various properties of novel materials and structures at the nanoscale level.


Add-ons to AFMs for research and industrial applications.

IP Protection Status

US 6862924 (issued Mar 8, 2005)
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