100068: Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


Oxygen monitoring is a critical factor in areas such as aquaculture, water quality and environmental monitoring, and biomedical research. There is a need for a commercial dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor system that can monitor DO in still or flowing aqueous media, operate continuously in the field, not be affected by environmental factors, and allow for real-time continuous monitoring without any limitations on data. Currently available sensors cannot meet all of these criteria.


Michigan State University’s invention is a method for 24/7 monitoring of dissolved oxygen in any aqueous media. The sensor’s performance is not affected by environmental factors including salinity, pH, temperature, phosphates, carbon dioxide, and biological waste, and the technique allows for real-time, continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen without any limitation on the number of data points collected.

The sensor system consists of three principal components: (1) senor probe with proprietary sensing film, (2) fluorometer to generate and measure the optical signal that is proportional to the dissolved oxygen concentration, and (3) a laptop to control the hardware and collect data. An alarm system monitors the health of the entire sensor system and allows the user to set lower and upper bounds on the dissolved oxygen level. All aspects of the user interface can be controlled remotely by commercial cell phone network, and alerts can be sent if levels fall outside set bounds.


·         Simultaneously monitors multiple performance metrics: Competing DO technologies cannot simultaneously monitor all of these data points.

·         User-friendly, automated data collection system: User interface analyzes data in real time, transmits data via cell phone, and provides cell phone alerts.

·         Demonstrated applicability for aquaculture: The system has been operated outdoors through the summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons at a commercial fish farm and a state hatchery.


The system has applications for various industries, including

·         Aquaculture

·         Water quality/environmental management

·         Bioreactors for the pharmaceutical or chemical industry

·         Food and beverage industries, such as fermentors for the brewing industry

·         Biomedical research

·         Medical devices

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