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080075: An Arabidopsis Gene Involved in the Conversion of Aldehydes to Alkanes in Arabidopsis Leaf Wax

Epicuticular wax layers of plants mainly consist of long straight-chain aliphatic hydrocarbons with a variety of substituted groups. Plant waxes have many functions, including increasing plant resistance to biotic stress (e.g., pathogens) and abiotic stress (e.g., temperature changes, drought). Additionally, since wax components have a high caloric...

080035: A novel fermentation process for intracellular lipase production using pelletized Rhizopus oryzae

Of known enzymes, lipases have attracted the most scientific attention due to their importance in industrial enzyme applications. In addition to their natural function of hydrolyzing carboxylic ester bonds, lipases can catalyze esterification, interesterification, and transesterification reactions in nonaqueous media. This versatility makes lipases...
Published: 7/21/2014   |   Inventor(s): Yan Liu, Wei Liao
Keywords(s): Fermentation, Industrial Enzymes Category(s): Biotechnology, Environment

060104: Identification of an Arabidopsis Disease Resistance Gene, AtMIN7

Plants and other complex organisms possess an innate immune system that enables host response to a number of pathogens that would otherwise cause harm or death. Plants are usually able to mount a response to most pathogens and recover from infection. However, some pathogens have developed offensive mechanisms that attack, weaken, and/or destroy...