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020019: Ultrastable Porous Aluminosilicate Structures and Derived Compositions for Industrial Catalysis

The ability to create industrial strength catalytic materials with desired pore sizes can improve efficiency in existing industrial processes that modify vast volumes of fluid. Tunable pore sizes of interest 'in catalysis' include micropores (pore diameters up to 2 nm) and mesopores (2 to 50 nm). Description This technology is a porous aluminosilicate...
Published: 7/21/2014   |   Inventor(s): Thomas Pinnavaia, Yu Liu, Wenzhong Zhang
Keywords(s): Catalyst, Kaolin, Mesoporous, Metakaolin, Micropores, Zeolite Category(s): Chemicals, Materials, Nanotechnology

950009: Catalytic Applications of Mesoporous Metallosilicate Molecular Sieves and Method for Their Preparation

Catalysis of larger molecules would proceed more quickly with larger pores that would allow for more flux into and out of the pores. In addition, one of the most important methods for converting hydrocarbons to useful industrial chemical, intermediates, and pharmaceuticals is catalytic oxidation. Current oxidation routes result in large quantities...