010007: A One-Step Route to Chiral 5-Trityloxymethyl Oxazolidinones


Oxazolidinones are a class of compounds containing 2-oxazolidone in the structure. They are used in chiral synthesis and are an important class of molecules in the pharmaceutical industry especially in the areas of antimicrobial and behavior disorder. Oxazolidinone based antimicrobials are especially active against some of the most resistant human pathogens including enterococci, staphylococcus aureus, and streptococcus pneumonia.



Michigan State University’s invention is a one-step route to chiral 5-trityloxymethyl oxazolidinones from chiral 3-hydroxy 4 trityloxybutryamides. The method does not require the use of a separate carbonylation reaction. It uses the 3, 4-dihydroxybutyramide as a starting material.



·         Simplified synthesis: One-step process to synthesize 5-trityloxymethyl oxazolidinones from 3, 4-dihydroxybutyramide.

·         Cost effective: The simplified process requires less skill and equipment to perform and may therefore reduce the cost of synthesis.

·         Novel class of chemicals: Oxazolidinones are an important class in drug development, especially in the areas of antimicrobials and behavioral disorders.


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U.S patent 6,288,239

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