030021: Industrial Fructose Production


Michigan State University’s invention increases the efficiency of high fructose corn syrup production using enzyme-based methods. The enzyme xylose isomease has been modified to have enhanced stability, activity, and utility. The invention includes an efficient method of producing this enzyme in quantity with the intended use in industrial production of fructose from glucose.



·         Increased efficiency and decreased cost of production: Increasing the stability of the enzyme in fructose production increases the activity of the enzyme at the temperatures used in the production process, allowing a higher level of, and faster conversion from the starting product.

·         Simplified process: Mobilization of enzymes on the bioelectrochemical reactor reduces the number of steps in the production process.



Specific applications include industrial sweeteners and pharmaceutical uses. Broader applications include:

·         Synthesis of alcohols

·         Production of food

·         Production of textiles

·         Medical tests


IP Protection Status

U.S. patent 7,198,933



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